Deep Learning and PowerAI Development

Develop the next generation of applications

Bring more value to your organization’s data by developing with an entirely new approach to problems: deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Unlock hidden potential and patterns in data organically — without you having to know the patterns, networks, or be an algorithmic expert. IBM is making deep learning easier and more performant for you with an enterprise software distribution of the most popular open-frameworks, in PowerAI.

Deep Learning consists of algorithms that permit software to train itself— by exposing multilayered neural networks to vast amounts of data. It is most frequently used to perform tasks like speech and image recognition.

The intelligence in the process sits within the deep learning software frameworks themselves— which develop that neural model of understanding by building weights and connections between many, many data points— often millions in a training data set.

Deep learning thrives when other traditional techniques to solving your problem fail: where you want derive insightful or complex relationships from vast data, custom programming is impossible, or on visual or auditory data.

Enterprise-ready software distribution built on open source

  • Deploy in hours, not months through a binary download of the key open-source frameworks
  • Available paid support
  • Learn more about the PowerAI releases

Tools for ease of development

  • Reduce data preparation time by an order of magnitude, with upcoming tools
  • Automated hyper-parameter tuning & optimization to make your models faster and more accurate
  • Learn more: PowerAI Technology Previews

Performance with faster training times

Take a free test drive on PowerAI

The World’s fastest AI platform for enterprise solutions

Experience the performance, capability, and ease-of-use of PowerAI in the cloud.

  • Run your applications faster than ever before with NVIDIA GPU accelerators that deliver several multiples of higher performance than on CPU alone.
  • Run your own code or try one of the pre-packaged popular frameworks such as Caffe or TensorFlow. Find information about all of the components in PowerAI here.
  • Frameworks are available built, installed, and configured ready to use immediately with GPUs or without.
  • Don’t have an application but simply want to experience compelling industry use cases? The trial includes several cognitive journey demos to try out as Jupyter notebooks.
  • No set up required. Your free trial comes with a container pre-configured with the necessary frameworks and libraries.
  • Get free access for 24 hours. Register now!
PowerAI Frameworks Summary

PowerAI is an enterprise software distribution of popular open-source deep learning frameworks. Future releases will deliver advanced, easy to use tools for the complete Deep Learning workflow

  • Enterprise ready SW distribution built on open source
  • Performance- for faster training times
  • Tools for ease of development

Get started, fast—PowerAI includes all necessary dependencies and removes the time, effort, and difficulty associated with getting a deep learning environment operational and performing optimally.

PowerAI Vision Features

IBM PowerAI Vision provides tools and interfaces for business analysts, subject matter experts and developers without any skills in deep learning technologies to begin using deep learning. The tools assist users to focus on rapidly identifying datasets and labeling them. They can then train and validate a model in a GUI interface to build customized solutions for image classification and object detection.

As a user of deep learning, PowerAI Vision allows you to implement more simply and realize value from your models faster. Learn more.

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Deep learning has had a profound impact on our ability to build highly accurate AI models. In the field of computer vision, we have gone from a 26% error rate of machine learning based models in 2011, to around 3% error rates using deep learning based computer vision. As a result, it is possible to see as well as humans on many vision tasks now.

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