Deep Learning and PowerAI Development

Take PowerAI for a free 24-hour test drive

Get 24-hours of free access to the PowerAI platform

Here’s how

IBM has partnered with Nimbix to provide cognitive developers a trial account that provides 24-hours of free processing time on the PowerAI platform. Follow these steps to register for access to Nimbix to try the PowerAI Cognitive journey maps and explore the platform.

  1. Go to the IBM Marketplace PowerAI Portal, and click Request Trial.
  2. On the IBM PowerAI Trial page, shown below, enter the required information to sign up for an IBM account and click Continue. If you already have an IBM ID, click Already have an account? Log in, enter your credentials and click Continue

    Sign up for an IBM Account dialog
  3. On the Almost there… page, shown below, enter the required information and click Continue to complete the registration and launch the IBM Marketplace Products and Services page.

    PowerAI Trial Registration page 2
  4. Your IBM Marketplace Products and Services page displays all offerings that are available to you; the PowerAI Trial should now be one of them. From the PowerAI Trial section, click Launch, as shown below, to launch the IBM PowerAI trial page. Note: Your trial container has a default four-hour timer built in. Please refer to the “Navigating your free trial” for more information.

    Launch PowerAI Trial Button
  5. The Welcome to IBM PowerAI Trial page provides instructions for accessing the trial, as shown below. Alternatively, you will receive an email confirming your registration with similar instructions that you can follow to start the trial.

    PowerAI Trial Welcome Page
    Summary of steps for starting the trial:
    • Start a terminal session from your local machine and issue the following command: ssh -L 8888:localhost:8888 nimbix@{IP Address} where {IP Address} is the IP Address shown on the welcome page (or in the confirmation email)
    • Enter the password shown on the welcome page (or in the confirmation email) when prompted
    • From your local browser, go to the following URL to get started: http://localhost:8888/tree/demo

Navigating your free trial

  • Your trial container comes provisioned with PowerAI R4 with the following attributes: 32-thread POWER8, 128 GB, and 1 x P100 Tesla GPU with NVLink (np8g1).
  • Your trial container includes the following:
  • The Jupyter notebooks can run without GPUs, however, P100 Tesla GPU along with NVLink technology from IBM adds significant acceleration, especially for large datasets and for use cases involving data transfers between CPU and GPU.
  • Your trial container has a default four-hour timer built in. When the container is created, a GPU is provisioned exclusively for that container. In an effort to save resources and free-up the GPU in case it is not being used, the container has a built in four-hour timer. The timer starts when the container is created and continues running whether you’re logged in or logged out of the account. At the four hour mark, the container will shut itself down, free the GPU, and the container will be deleted. However, any files you saved to the container’s /data directory will be preserved.
  • You can continue using the free trial for as long as clock time remains in the 24-hour trial period. This means that if you still need access to a container after the four-hour timer has deleted it, you can restart the container following these steps:
    1. Go to your IBM Marketplace Products and Services page and click Launch from the PowerAI Trial section.
    2. On the PowerAI Trial launch page, click Resume (in the Summary table under Container Status) . Resume will actually create a new container with a newly associated GPU; your original /data directory is relinked to the new container.
    Because you’re getting a newly created container, you will receive an email with new login credentials to log back in. This is similar to the time-out that happens with on-line banking websites.
  • If you finish before the 24-hours have expired, please cancel your subscription by following these steps:
    1. From the IBM Marketplace Products and Services page, click Manage from the PowerAI Trial section.
    2. On the Manage page, click Cancel plan.
    3. Confirm that you want to cancel the plan, as shown below:

      Cancel PowerAI Trial

      Alternatively, you can cancel the trial by issuing the following command from your Nimbix ssh session: sudo poweroff --force
  • Your trial access will automatically shut down after 24-hours and delete any unsaved work so make sure you save anything you’ve done (and want to preserve) prior to end of the trial period.
  • If you need more time, you can re-register for another trial following the instructions outlined on this page.

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