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IBM PowerAI Enterprise

Announced 06/19/2018. Available now.

PowerAI Enterprise makes deep learning easier and faster for organizations. The solution provides workflow support for the deep learning lifecycle on a distributed architecture. PowerAI Enterprise enables teams to iterate through the deep learning cycle faster, training on more data to continuously improve the model.

Key features and benefits

PowerAI Enterprise provides these features and benefits:

  • Fast time to deploy a deep learning environment so clients can get to work immediately:
    • Built for Power servers with NVLink CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs, delivering performance unattainable elsewhere
    • Hyper-parameter search and optimization
    • Distributed deep learning, taking advantage of parallel processing
    • Large Model Support for more complex models using higher resolution data
    • Elastic training to allocate the resources needed to optimize performance
  • Designed for enterprise deployments:
    • Multitenancy supporting multiple users and lines of business
    • End-to-end security, including role-based access controls
    • Centralized management and monitoring
  • IBM service and support for the whole solution, including the open source deep learning frameworks (such as TensorFlow and IBM Caffe and associated libraries)

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