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PowerAI Release 1.6.0
Release date: 03/15/2019

What’s new in PowerAI 1.6.0

PowerAI 1.6.0 builds upon the previous releases and includes the following updates and new features:

  • PowerAI is now packaged as Conda packages and no longer as RPM packages.
    • PowerAI Conda packages are available in a Conda channel
    • There is no install package to download, instead connect to the PowerAI Conda channel and install your packages from there
    • Package dependencies are automatically resolved
    • Delivery of packages is open and continuous
  • CUDA, cuDNN, and NCCL are now packaged as Conda packages installed by PowerAI. Only the NVIDIA driver needs to be manually installed.
  • You can now run more than one framework at the same time in the same environment. For example, you can run TensorFlow and PyTorch at the same time.
  • Supported hardware:
    • IBM Power System AC922 with NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs
    • IBM Power System S822LC with NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs
  • Supported operating systems:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 (RHEL 7.5 is no longer supported)
    • Ubuntu 18.04 is fully supported
  • This release of PowerAI includes a Conda package named pai4sk, which supports:
    • MPI based distribution of “data-loading, training, prediction and metrics” for snapML solvers
    • cuDF dataframes for snapML solvers in local mode
    • Accelerated ML algorithms from cuML
  • Updates for distributed deep learning (DDL) include the following:
    • Improved support for LSF
    • Support for TensorFlow Eager Mode
    • Support for scaling on up to 32 nodes
  • TensorFlow Estimator 1.13.0 is now included.
  • Technology previews include:
    • TensorFlow Large Model Support (TFLMS) V1
    • Snap ML: snap-ml-spark library
    • pai4sk: Decision Tree and Random Forest algorithms from SnapML
    • RAPIDS.AI: cuML and cuDF
    • Licence information for technology previews is found on the Technology Preview Code page in the IBM Knowledge Center
  • Previous technology previews are now part of base PowerAI including:
    • ONNX
    • Caffe2
    • Large model support for TensorFlow, Caffe, and PyTorch

For more details, including updated and deprecated packages, see the What’s New topic in the IBM Knowledge Center.

For the full release notes and README, including software packages and prerequisites, start with the PowerAI planning topic in the IBM Knowledge Center.

How to get PowerAI 1.6.0

There a several ways for you to get PowerAI 1.6.0.

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Previous PowerAI releases

We recommend that you install the most current release of PowerAI, however, if you have an earlier version installed, you can find release information in the IBM Knowledge Center: