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IBM PowerAI Vision Version 1.1.2

Released: 11/16/2018

About PowerAI Vision

PowerAI Vision can help provide robust end-to-end workflow support for deep learning models related to computer vision. This enterprise-grade software provides a complete ecosystem to label raw data sets for training, creating, and deploying deep learning-based models. PowerAI Vision is designed to empower subject matter experts with no skills in deep learning technologies to train models for AI applications. It can help train highly accurate models to classify images and detect objects in images and videos.

PowerAI Vision is built on open source frameworks for modeling and managing containers to deliver a highly available framework, providing application lifecycle support, centralized management and monitoring, and support from IBM.

What’s new in PowerAI Vision Version 1.1.2

PowerAI V1.1.2 builds upon previous releases and includes the following updates and features:

  • Custom models
    You can now import custom TensorFlow models into PowerAI Vision and use them for training. For details, see Importing a custom model.
  • Advanced metrics
    New metrics are shown after a model is trained. For details, see Understanding metrics.
  • Deployment to Enterprise FPGA accelerators (technology preview)
    Models trained using the “Tiny Yolo v2” model for object detection can be deployed to enterprise-class FPGA accelerators for inferencing. See Deploying a trained model for more details.
  • Multiple category classification results
    The results of image classification inferences now include multiple categories with the confidence levels for each category. See Scenario: Classifying images for more information.
  • Support for Ubuntu 18.04
    The PowerAI Vision Training and Inference product is now supported on the Ubuntu 18.04 platform.
  • Inference for Servers expanded coverage
    The “Inference for Servers” platform coverage is now expanded with support for:
    • Ubuntu 18.04
    • CPU only deployments
    • x86 deployment
    See PowerAI Vision Inference Server for more details.
  • Support for new versions of IBM Cloud Private
    PowerAI Vision can now be installed with IBM Cloud Private 3.1 and later.
  • Non-administrator users
    You can now create users that are not administrators. These users can view and manage only resources that they created. See Managing users for details.

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