IBM PowerAI developer portal

Learn about deep learning and PowerAI. Create something amazing.

PowerAI Enterprise evaluation

IBM PowerAI Enterprise is a complete environment for data science as a service, enabling your organization to bring new applied AI applications into production. Install an evaluation version of IBM PowerAI Enterprise to give it a try.

PowerAI IBM Cloud Service

In partnership with Nimbix, the PowerAI on IBM Cloud service provides users with access to IBM® Power Systems™ with NVIDIA® GPUs running the PowerAI software. Choose one of three plans:

  • Small: Provides one PowerAI cloud instance with 1 GPU
  • Medium: Provides one PowerAI cloud instance with 2 GPUs
  • Large: Provides one or more PowerAI cloud instances with 4 GPUs each

IBM PowerAI Vision as a Service

IBM PowerAI Vision provides tools and interfaces for business analysts, subject matter experts, and developers without any skill in deep learning technologies to begin using deep learning. The tools assist user to focus on rapidly identifying datasets, labeling them, and building models for inference.

Free trial access to try PowerAI

IBM has partnered with Nimbix to provide cognitive developers a trial account that provides 24-hours of free processing time on the PowerAI platform.

Nimbix Jarvice Cloud

Accelerate deep learning with the power of IBM POWER and NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud. Nimbix offers ready to-roll images of PowerAI for instantaneous deployment as a single server or cluster.

Microway GPU Test Drive

On Microway’s GPU cluster, take a GPU Test Drive. Remotely test PowerAI on Power Systems S822LC for HPC with the advice of a Microway HPC expert.