IBM Cloud Private on IBM Power Systems

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Optimized for data and cognitive intensive services

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What is IBM® Cloud Private?

IBM Cloud Private (ICP) helps developers easily build and deploy new, containerized applications and enables administrators to provide top notch availability, performance, and security in an on-premises private cloud. ICP brings together the best open source languages, frameworks, and runtimes with enterprise-grade implementation, applications, and services so enterprises can accelerate transformation and innovation with cloud-native applications and microservices

Delivered with Kubernetes for container orchestration, ICP provides a private image repository, a management console, monitoring frameworks, and a centralized location from which to deploy, manage, monitor, and scale applications. ICP extends beyond the data center with seamless integration, workload mobility, and management outside for multiple public clouds, including the IBM Cloud.

Purpose-built to help enterprises modernize their existing applications, ICP runs on existing data center infrastructure including Power Systems and strikes the perfect balance between agility and control, innovation and security, investment and investment protection. Learn more.

IBM Cloud Private architecture (stack view)

ICP Architecture Diagram
  • Integrates with your choice of IaaS layer, provided by VMware or OpenStack
  • Provides container cluster management and orchestration with Kubernetes
  • Ships with popular open source management, configuration and automation tools
  • Multi-cloud management and integration

Use cases driving private cloud adoption

Why IBM Cloud Private on IBM POWER?

One size does not fit all when it comes to the computational and data processing demands of today’s emerging cognitive, AI, ML/DL and other emerging technologies. While the first generation of clouds were built primarily on x86, the exploding need for compute power and speed is driving the demand for more efficient server processors that can do more work faster with fewer physical systems compared to traditional cloud platforms. IBM Cloud Private on Power is focused on delivering:

Rapid Innovation and Faster Service Delivery
Quickly build, deploy, and manage modern applications on systems purpose-built to do more work with fewer servers to deliver results faster with lower total cost for cognitive services.

Differentiated Innovation
Secure and seamless integration to on and off premises resources: Build upon innovative technologies in the cloud such as cognitive/AI, Blockchain, and Watson; Enjoy near-zero latency accessing co-located secure business data.

Investment Protection
Leverage existing skills, infrastructure, and secure data services; Activate dark cores or unused capacity to establish new services on Linux clusters; Securely integrate with Systems of Record.

Management and Compliance
Build and deliver on an established secure, compliant, and virtualized platform with fewer reported vulnerabilities than any other.

Deliver better performance for data and cognitive services

Create blazing fast applications by deploying cognitive services on hardware optimized for the work at hand, for higher container density, and for better throughput. As an example, WebSphere Liberty, which ships as part of IBM Cloud Private, produced 44% higher container density, 45% more throughput, and 1.7x price/performance compared to Liberty containers on x86 (Broadwell).

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The IBM Cloud Private video series on IBM Developer TV is a set of videos that provide real-world examples of working with IBM Cloud Private that you can try.


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