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Title Category Type Date published
IBM Data Engine for NoSQL – Power Systems Edition
Regain infrastructure control, improve NoSQL database performance and rein in costs
Database PDF 2016-08
OpenPOWER firmware with Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) features
This article provides a detailed in-sight on how OpenPOWER helps IPMI in platform and system management.
Development tools HTML 2017-07
Setting up Apache OpenWhisk on IBM Power on a single-node, on-premises serverless framework
This article provides proof of concept for IBM Power Architecture support in OpenWhisk.
Development tools HTML 2017-08
Performance of Scylla running on IBM Power Systems
This article describes the test environments and hardware configurations that were used, the test results with supporting data, and POWER8 sizing examples with tuning recommendations. Also, this article explains POWER8 capabilities that contribute to the superior performance of the Scylla.
Database HTML 2017-10