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POWER tuning and optimization techniques and discussion from the experts

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A guide to GATK4 best practice pipeline performance and optimization on the IBM OpenPOWER system
GATK4 is an open source toolkit frequently used by most genomic research and clinical analyses. The high-performance data and analytics (HPDA) solution, based on IBM® OpenPOWER and IBM Spectrum® computing, dramatically accelerates the analysis workloads.
PDF 2019-07
Power Systems performance claims and proof points
Built to scale data-intensive workloads and optimized for performance, IBM Power Systems deliver superior price-performance over x86 competitors.
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Best practices for Java and IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) on IBM POWER9
This article describes best practices to achieve performance from applications running in the Liberty profile of IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) on IBM Power System S9xx and L922 systems. Acme Air, running in IBM Cloud Private is used as a case study to demonstrate the benefits and the application of the best practices.
Article 2018-04
Tuned daemon profiles in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.x and CentOS 7.x
This article describes the differences between throughput-performance profile and balanced profiles of a tuned daemon.
Article 2018-01
Performance of Scylla running on IBM Power Systems
This article describes Throughput and latency measurements for read and write workloads running on IBM POWER8 verses Intel x86 processor-based servers.
Article 2018-07
Analyzing performance using perf annotate
In this white paper, we compare the performance of an OpenPOWER-based cluster containing the IBM Power Systems S812LC and a cluster containing x86 systems.
Article 2017-02
Low latency tuning tips for Linux on Power
This article is intended to document the “state of the art” for low latency tuning, specifically targeted at Linux running on IBM Power Systems.
Article 2016-12
Application tuning tips for Linux on Power
This article is intended to document the “state of the art” for application tuning, specifically targeted at applications running on Linux on IBM Power Systems.
Article 2016-12
System tuning tips for Linux on Power
This document is intended to document the “state of the art” for IBM Power Systems performance tuning with a specific focus on systems tuning.
Article 2016-12
SMT and cgroup cpusets
If you are running Ubuntu, there is a cgroup hotplug issue to consider when changing SMT modes. If the system was previously set to a lower SMT mode and a user changes the system to a higher SMT mode, this cgroup hotplug issue may prevent tasks from running on those CPUs that were brought online to switch the processor cores to a higher SMT mode.
Wiki 2016-08
CPU Frequency Scaling on IBM Power Systems Running Linux
To measure and control CPU frequency and freq/voltage scaling on Linux on Power, the first step is to understand what firmware mode the system is running in, OPAL or PowerVM.
Blog 2016-11
Optimization of Machine Learning on Apache Spark
Wide adoption of Spark for running big data analytics jobs not only requires focus on the functional performance of applications, but also on their operational efficiency with optimal usage of hardware resources.
PDF 2016-06