OpenStack on IBM Power Systems

OpenStack services with IBM Power Systems to deliver robust cloud-computing solutions.

Get started with OpenStack on Power and find out more about how OpenStack supports scale-out POWER systems.

The OpenStack cloud computing software platform on IBM Power Systems’ enterprise security, availability, and reliability enables you to deliver cloud solutions without risk.

You can set up the OpenStack Bare Metal Service on POWER8 systems. You can get a functional Ironic setup on POWER8. Deployment through Ironic is fully functional – deploying from POWER8 to other POWER8 machines, as well as x86 machines.


  • The Master branch of Disk Image Builder at
  • Ubuntu 16.04 ramdisk
  • Ubuntu 16.04 as the user image
  • Ironic version from the Ubuntu repositories
  • DevStack from Github to set up adjacent services (but not Ironic!) at


  • Keystone, Neutron, Nova, Swift, and Glance services are set up
  • Your target machine is connected to a flat provider network. This means that the provider network created by the OpenStack administrator maps directly to a network in a data center and it is unsegmented (that is, by VLAN).
  • Use the latest installation instructions for Ironic in the Bare Metal service installation guide website.

For more information on setting up the OpenStack Bare Metal Service on POWER8 systems see Setting Up the OpenStack Bare Metal Service on POWER8.

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