OpenStack on IBM Power Systems

OpenStack services with IBM Power Systems to deliver robust cloud-computing solutions.

OpenStack Events and Contributions

This list describes various contributions and events for OpenStack on Power.

2018 Open Compute Project Summit

The Open Compute Project (OCP) summit was a usual mix of technical sessions and marketing expo. It was a very well organized and conducted summit, similar to OpenStack summits. The highlight of the summit was the tremendous amount of technical content.

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Queens PTG Recap

The second-ever OpenStack Project Teams Gathering, or PTG is still an awkward name for a very productive conference. One main focus was how to expand our outreach to various groups, now that we have transitioned from a Working Group (WG) to a Special Interest Group (SIG). That may sound like a simple name change, but it represents the shift in direction from being only API developer-focused to reaching out to SDK developers and users.

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Dublin PTG Recap

The OpenStack PTG for the Rocky cycle ran from 26 February 2018 to 2 March 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. So of course the big stuff to write about would be the interesting meetings between the teams, and the discussions about future development, right?

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Stein PTG Recap

The OpenStack PTG for the Stein cycle was held in Denver from 10 September 2018 to 14 September 2018. There was one clear theme that was expressed in different sessions across different teams: Not Enough Cycles

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