Streaming schedule

Thursdays | 1 PM ET

Java #Channel

Mary Grygleski

We will be live coding Java and cloud technology to show you the latest in the Java universe and help you level-up. We’ll cover topics like new features in Java, deploying and managing Java apps in the Cloud, and feature frameworks like Spring, Quarkus, and Spark.

Mondays and Wednesdays | 3 PM ET

Hacking with Spencer

Spencer Krum

Spencer’s stream focuses on Kubernetes for sysadmins and operators. He uses vim and Bash on the command line, and occasionally writes small programs in Python, Node, and Golang.

Wednesdays | 12 PM ET

Webcast Wednesdays

Scott Laningham

Regular technical webcast series that features IBM Developer Advocates on various hot topics.

Fridays | 3 PM ET

OpenShift with Red Hat

JJ Asghar, Brian Tannuos, Jason Dobies

In this stream JJ, Brian, and Jason are going to be walking through some cloud-native environments focusing on OpenShift. They will be going as deep or as shallow as the stream allows, hopefully coming out the other side with a full understanding of OpenShift. This stream is there to learn what we can in the time allotted, and hopefully have some fun along the way.