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Wednesday | 2 PM ET

Java projects with Mary

Mary Grygleski

We will be live-coding Java and cloud technology to show you the latest in the Java universe and help you level-up. We’ll cover topics like new features in Java, deploying and managing Java apps in the cloud, and feature frameworks like Spring, Quarkus, and Spark.

Thursday | 3 PM ET

Open source friends

JJ Asghar
Paul Czarkowski

JJ and Paul spend an hour or two learning OpenShift and building something from the ground up. Each week they play with a new element of the ecosystem, and aim to show the power of OpenShift.

Friday | 3 PM ET

OpenShift with Red Hat

JJ Asghar

On Friday afternoons, JJ spends his time learning some open source software. You never know what he’ll spend his time on, but he always has the goal of learning something new.

Every other Friday | 12 pm ET

In the Open

Luke Schantz
Joe Sepi

Your hosts, Luke and Joe, are passionate developers who love to talk shop. Their show features guests from the world of open source and enterprise technology. It streams live every other Friday. Check out upcoming and past episodes.  Past episodes are available for replay on your favorite podcast platform and on YouTube.