After you get comfortable with RDz’s Eclipse tooling, you may wish to stay in Full Screen (Maximized) viewing mode as much as possible in order to take advantage of the significantly larger edit and browse presentation/display.


However – while in Full Screen mode, you will (very quickly) want to gain access to the RDz functionality provided in your primary workbench Perspectives:

  • You’ll need to open other programs
  • Access the functionality provided by the RDz Views (Remote Systems Explorer, Outline, Properties, z/OS Projects)
  • etc.
  • This is no problem – because all of the Views you can access in “normal” workbench mode (z/OS Projects Perspective, etc.) are available as minimized icons on the extreme left and right hand areas of the maximized viewing area:




    By clicking a minimized icon you activate the View it symbolizes

  • To hide (minimize) the View, click anywhere within the (maximized) source files … (essentially, you toggle between source and minimized Views)
  • You can hover your mouse over the minimized icons to find determine the View that the icon represents
  • Net: While RDz’s default Perspectives provide exceptional “Screen Real Estate” (working edit/browse areas), Maximizing your Views extends the advantages – and learning how to manipulate the minimized icons while in Full-Screen mode will make all of your program analysis and coding easier.

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