Directory Utility GUI (DirUtilGUI) is a complete Graphical Interface introduced in IBM Host On-Demand v12.0 for the previously existing Directory Utility command line functionality.

The DirUtilGUI has the ability to cater to all the admin requirements, as mentioned below:

Add, update and delete groups
Add, update, and delete users from groups
Add and delete sessions from users or groups
List existing users and groups (in an xml or an html output file)
List existing users and groups (in output files) as products of unique searches, using criteria with flexible wild card options
Perform actions on list output to quickly modify users and groups

* The default size of the panel is 550 * 550 pixels for good visibility to the users.
* Users can input any XML or HTML file of their choice by browsing to the file location.
* Users would have full control of appending to any account.
* DirUtilGUI provides the option to Copy console contents to the clipboard and paste it in a text editor for better readability.
* Clear functionality helps the user to clear the console and run the utility again.

The attached video demonstrates how to use the DirUtil GUI to run a sample script that will add new users and groups. It also shows how you can copy the console contents, and list users in the current HOD directory.

Refer to the link below for more information about IBM Host On-Demand

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