IBM Host On-Demand has come up with a Java Webstart based solution for those browsers that don’t support Java NPAPI plugins.

In this Webstart based solution, all the functionality remains same as earlier versions of IBM Host On-Demand. However users will experience a different look and feel.

Users will access http://localhost/hod/hodadminfull.html as they always do, and browser will prompt to download .jnlp file. Users will also find an icon on the desktop for HODAdminFull

Similarly, users will be able to access all other default HOD pages as well.

The attached video demonstrates how users can work with Webstart client when they need to work with HODAdminFull.html page if browser doesn’t support Java plugins.

Refer to the link below for more information about IBM Host On-Demand

2 comments on"IBM Host On-Demand Admin Full using Webstart client – DeepakJ/IBM"

  1. Hi,

    We are trying to reach the object of IBM MainFrame tool with Set autECLSession = CreateObject(“pcomm.auteclsession”)
    Set autECLSession = CreateObject(“PCOMM.autECLConnMgr”)
    Set autECLPS = CreateObject(“PCOMM.autECLPS”)
    Set autECLOIA = CreateObject(“Pcomm.autecloia”)
    autECLSession.SetConnectionByName (“A”)
    autECLSession.autECLPS.SetCursorPos 3, 14

    But unable to reach the session, Can you please help us to connect with main frame to make automation successful.

  2. Hi Team,

    I need to connect the mainframe 3270 mod4pitt application using Excel vba. Which can be login using web.

    Could you please help me.

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