A screenshot from the dashboard of  the IBM Wave for z/VM, Server virtualization management

IBM Wave for z/VM  simplifies management of z/VM and Linux guests throughout your enterprise, all via a dynamic, intuitive Graphical User Interface. Service Pack 6 for Version 1 Release 2 is now available from IBM Fix Central and Shopz and delivers these new features and functions:

  • IBM Wave users can now be deleted, enhancing security. If individuals no longer require access to IBM Wave, they can be completely removed from the list of users authorized to access Wave. Audit log records associated with deleted users are retained for historical purposes.
  • z/VM 6.4, which became generally available in November 2016, is now supported. z/VM 6.4 systems can be discovered and managed by Wave.
  • The logon panel no longer allows selection of native or LDAP authentication. Wave automatically uses the appropriate authentication method based on the user identifier provided.
  • As with every Service Pack, other enhancements and fixes for defects are also incorporated.

To gain hands-on experience using IBM Wave on a live remote system through a set of structured use scenarios at no charge, take advantage of the IBM Wave Test Drive. To participate, contact your IBM account team or Business Partner, or send e-mail to IBM Wave Test Drive for assistance.

For more information on  IBM Wave for z/VM,  server virtualization management, simplified, visit IBM on the web.

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