The z/OS Connect EE open beta has been refreshed. While there are no new externals in this beta drop, the team have been hard at work laying the foundations for upcoming features.

In the meantime, use this beta drop to extend your 90-day expiry date.

The feedback we’ve received so far has been great, and allows us to continually improve the product. Please keep the conversation going. Any questions, don’t hesitate to use the open beta forum, or ask us a question on dW Answers.

Where can I download the latest open beta?

Download the latest version of the z/OS Connect EE open beta from the z/OS Connect EE Developer Center. The download link always points to the latest version of our open beta. We refresh the open beta roughly every four to six weeks.

How is the open beta expiry date calculated?

Each open beta version expires 90 days from the day it was built. We typically refresh the open beta every four to six weeks, so you can expect to get at least 50 days from any given open beta version, even if you download it the day before the open beta is refreshed.

Can I keep my current APIs and configuration when I upgrade the open beta?

Absolutely! You can keep your existing configuration and files. Follow the guidelines in the z/OS Connect EE open beta documentation on Updating z/OS Connect EE.

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