By Hayden Lindsey, Vice President & Distinguished Engineer – DevOps for Enterprise Systems

To our valued z Systems clients:

There have been a lot of bold claims recently from one of our enterprise IT competitors.  I have been observing this behavior, and the trend towards ever more outlandish assertions, which are simply wrong, going so far to suggest that we are doing our z Systems clients a disservice.  Based upon the merits of the assertions, they don’t even deserve a response; however, I’d like to lay out the simple facts and let you decide for yourself.

For more than eight years, IBM has had an organization focused on modernizing the development and delivery capabilities for you, our enterprise clients.  Along with other platforms, many of you have significant investments in z Systems.  Today we call this organization “DevOps for Enterprise Systems”.  How do you parse that name?  It means that we provide a full portfolio of DevOps capabilities for your z Systems application development and delivery teams that delivers the IT and business benefits you should expect from DevOps adoption.  But it goes further.  Because you also have mobile, web, distributed and cloud platforms, and most enterprise applications are multi-platform and multi-technology, our solutions cover the technology and platform spectrum you require.

Our broad platform coverage was not accomplished by lashing together formerly disparate tools and implying that they work well together across these platforms and technologies.  Rather, we’ve invested to use the same tools for z Systems as we use for other platforms.  Most capabilities were built from the ground up to include support for z as well as other platforms.  A few examples are:

Others that we acquired were integrated and augmented to add support for z Systems in a first-class manner very quickly.  A few examples are:

And still others that we acquired had exceptional z Systems support on Day One, such as:

  • IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (discover and understand applications and their relationships to exploit Hybrid Cloud and API enablement, and allow us to provide insights into how to improve how you develop…we call this Cognitive DevOps)

As a result of this multi-faceted approach, our DevOps solutions are the best available in breadth, in depth, and in capability, and they have been for years.  Whether the comparison is for lifecycle coverage, platform coverage or point product capability, we welcome the challenge to prove our differentiation.  And, we use the same tools we sell to our clients to develop our own z Systems products with an agile approach, continuously integrating as we develop new feature/functions.  Look no further than our new z/OS Explorer Aqua platform, upon which 17 products are now based, and a DevOps pipeline, we deliver our core DevOps offerings on a monthly basis, a first in this part of the industry.

Please visit Enterprise DevOps to explore our portfolio, product details, videos, tutorials, etc. where you, our z Systems clients, can decide for yourselves which claims see the most plausible.

Thanks for your partnership and continued support of the z Systems Platform.

NOTE:  The list of capabilities for the products referenced are just a small subset of what is available for illustration purposes.

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