SUSE announced its full support for the kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) as part of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for z Systems and LinuxONE, starting with SLES12 SP2 on March 1, 2017.

The KVM support is part of existing and new subscriptions of SLES for z Systems with no additional charge for KVM.

KVM has been available as part of SLES for z Systems as a technology preview for many years. Due to KVM’s strategic importance, along with growing adoption among z Systems customers, SUSE announced full support of KVM within SLES for z Systems.

SUSE was the first to bring Linux to the mainframe, collaborating with IBM for more than 20 years to make SLES the perfect guest operating system on z Systems. SLES for z Systems is a top customer choice for secure and reliable IBM z/VM server virtualization, and the support for KVM in SLES for z Systems makes the advantages of mainframe computing more attractive and accessible to customers experienced with Linux and KVM.

KVM from SUSE for z Systems offers enterprises an open source solution while taking advantage of the robust scalability, reliability and security that is inherent to the z Systems platform. As KVM is an option on many Linux systems today, the knowledge to operate KVM is the same on z Systems.

KVM can be managed to allow for over-commitment of system resources to optimize the virtualized environment. In addition, KVM helps make platform mobility easier with its live relocation capabilities, which enable you to move virtual machines (VMs) and workloads between multiple instances of KVM without incurring downtime.

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