IBM z/OS Debugger not only delivers fixes in v14.0.0.4, but some new and exciting features:

The following changes were added for remote debugging with IBM® Developer for z Systems™ Version

The following changes were added with IBM z/OS® Debugger Version 14.0 APAR PI72873

  • z/OS Debugger supports moved source for Enterprise PL/I for z/OS 5.1 64-bit standard mode debugging through the EQADEBUG DD NAME.
  • Improved performance of code coverage collection using Debug Tool compatibility mode. Code coverage data is one of ADI’s main providers of data and this update allows users to capture code coverage on every build.
    • Reduce session time by 90%
    • Supported languages: Enterprise COBOL, Enterprise PL/I, XL C, Language Environment enabled Assembler
  • New IMS Isolation API was added to support performance improvements in the UI

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