The interest for DevOps is rapidly increasing among our Mainframe customers, as a means of speeding up development and helping drive their Digital Transformation. Yet, many companies try to adopt Agile with 25+ year old source code management (SCM). These are in-practice code libraries with smoke and mirrors that disguise them as “agile SCM.”

IBM Rational Team Concert is the only Agile Lifecycle Management Solution that offers the following capabilities:

  • Runs natively on z/OS as well as all other key platforms to enable cross-platform DevOps processes. All critical business capabilities are now cross-platform, which means your DevOps processes need to work across all platforms as well.
  • Integrates Agile (or traditional or hybrid) Planning, Agile Build Tool, and an Agile SCM into one integrated solution. Rational Team Concert enables a seamless experience where the business can raise a change request, development can break it down into features across platforms, and all code changes can be linked to the features and then be built across platforms automatically.
  • Unprecedented transparency across Business and IT. Everybody can see which business change requests are included in each build, and the progress of individual teams have made toward reaching the execution of their committed plans. Lack of visibility can kill complex solution development, because of mismatched deliveries, waiting on other teams, and too many meetings to resolve issues and coordinate deployments.

When everyone has the information they need,

  • Development teams can collaborate and coordinate work effectively
  • Management can become proactive, rather than reactive
  • Estimates and planning are more accurate
  • Administration overhead costs are minimized

Truly agile lifecycle management capabilities cannot be found in last century’s SCMs that our competitors offer. While legacy SCM systems can, with some effort, accommodate limited parallel development — providing it on demand when and where developers need it is way beyond their scope. Rational Team Concert (RTC) includes full support for on demand parallel development and all the flexibility that it brings. RTC enables organizations to accommodate rapid changes to applications and solutions by providing development with flexible source code management, all the while retaining security, control, and visibility.

Key capabilities include multi-stream development at any point in the lifecycle, parking of changes, visibility, and powerful merge, identification, and resolution to ensure developers are able to work in parallel without stepping on each others’ toes. Only RTC unleashes the true power and productivity of parallel development on the mainframe.

Industry’s most open integrated SCM, build and collaborative environment. This includes integration with the Industry’s leading IDE (ADFz), open source integrations such as with JIRA or Git, the industry’s most powerful cross-platform deployment platform (UrbanCode Deploy), as well as other leading tools across the entire DevOps lifecycle.

Our interfaces are based on industry-standard REST APIs and Open Services Lifecycle Integration (OSLC) allowing RTC to fit into the most complex of development environments. Why should you care? Because you need the flexibility to integrate a variety of home-grown and industry leading tools into your DevOps tool chain without vendor lock-in.

Only IBM’s Rational Team Concert can deliver the integrated Agile planning, SCM, Build and Collaborative Platform that your teams need to run cross-platform DevOps and to accelerate your digital transformation. Do not settle with trying to retrofit last century’s non-agile SCM. To learn more, go here.


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