IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua V3.1.0 is now ‘live’ and available for download!

Newly supported on Eclipse Neon V4.6, the z/OS Explorer Aqua integration platform and products can be installed through IBM Installation Manager or Eclipse p2 on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. For more information on installing z/OS Explorer, visit our new Mainframe Developer Center on IBM developerWorks.

Highlights of z/OS Explorer Aqua V3.1.0:

1. This delivery includes the following product releases & updates:

Note: z/OS Explorer Aqua V3.0.x which is built on Eclipse Luna V4.4 will continue to be supported.

2. This release also introduces a new Installation Manager-based installer for IBM Knowledge Centers for z/OS Explorer Aqua. It currently supports local installation and self-hosting of product documentation for IBM Explorer for z/OS, IBM CICS Explorer and IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition with more products expected to be supported in the near future. For more information about using the new installer, see KC installer for z/OS Explorer Aqua.

3. A complete redesign of our Mainframe Developer Center designed and developed in accordance to IBM’s Northstar web standard. This new Developer Center focuses on providing a modern, high performance and highly responsive experience that optimizes screen use and maximizes outreach with significant focus on the organization & presentation of product and instructional contents for an exceptional user experience.

Enjoy the experience!

If you have any question or comment, drop us a note at our Mainframe Developer Center forum.

2 comments on"What’s new in z/OS Explorer Aqua V3.1.0 (16 Jun 2017)"

  1. SteveFowlkes June 27, 2017

    Since I am using z/OS Explorer Aqua V3.0.x and I want to move to V3.1.x, do I have to do a re-install?

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