IBM z/OS Debugger not only delivers fixes in v14.0.0.5, but the following new and exciting updates:

The following changes were added for remote debugging with IBM® Developer for z Systems™ Version

  • Property groups are no longer the only choice for when you use the MVS™ Batch Application debug configurations. When using exiting JCL without a property group, debug configuration defaults are retrieved from the JCL Generation preference page, previously only in IBM Debug for z Systems, and now also visible in IBM Developer for z Systems..
    JCL Generation preference page
  • Local debug configurations that configure remote DTSP or DTCN profiles now have a new enhanced status area and remote action options. The new status area clearly indicates the status of the remote profile and whether the remote and local profiles are synchronized. Users can also choose to delete remote profiles from the new remote action options.
    Remote Profile Activation and Status
  • The Migrate DTSP Profile wizard is enhanced to appear automatically for only once and appear when you click the Migrate button in the DTSP view toolbar. For more information about how to migrate from the DTSP views, see Migrating from the DTSP views.
    Migrate DTSP Profile button

Documentation Improvements

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