IBM z/OS Debugger has just released it host PTFs UI48534, UI48533, UI48532 with many fixes, and includes the following new and exciting features:

  • Support is added for CICS Transaction Server for z/OS® V5.4.
  • CICS DTCN transaction now supports session types DTC and DIR.
  • LIST capability is added to IMS Transaction Isolation Facility batch interface.
  • DFSMSCE0 exit sharing is implemented for IMS Transaction Isolation Facility.
  • A new EQAOPTS command, DISABLERLIM , is added to control whether z/OS Debugger disables Omegamon RLIM resource limiting during a debug session.
  • EQAOPTS command STARTSTOPMSG is enhanced to allow storing STARTSTOP messages in STARTSTOPMSGDSN in the CICS environment.

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