Would you like to install the documentation of multiple products into one single portal and access product documentation with limited Internet access? Try out the new version of Knowledge Center Installer for IBM Explorer for z/OS (KC installer)!

Aggregating product documentation

The Sep 8th release of KC installer aggregates the latest documentation of 10 products on z/OS Explorer Aqua. With KC installer, you can install the product documentation as desired on a network server for local use.

To install KC installer, follow the instructions at Mainframe Dev.

Single portal for product documentation
Installed product documentation can be accessed when you launch the local KC.

How to use KC installer
You can install KC installer on a network server so that client machines can access the documentation directly.

With the link to the local KC, users can configure product documentation into an Eclipse application for use.

For more information about how to use KC installer, see the KC installer demo.

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