IBM Record Generator for Java V3.0 is a new IBM program product generally available as of 29th Sept 2017 and supersedes the IBM alphaWorks version of the JZOS Record Generator V2.4.6, which is now withdrawn. It provides a scriptable utility that generates Java helper classes based on the associated-data (ADATA) files that are produced from compiling COBOL copybooks or assembler DSECTs. These Java helper classes can then be used in a Java application to access the COBOL or assembler language record structures, often used in CICS COMMAREA applications or to read VSAM file records.

Record Generator

The Record Generator for Java, V3.0, provides the following new and enhanced functions:

  • Support for ADATA files with or without an IBM Record Descriptor Word (RDW) prefix. This makes it easier to transfer the ADATA files from z/OS to distributed platforms to support the record generation process on a distributed platform.
  • Support for a user-supplied, Java name generator class to control the schema for generating accessor methods from field names. This maximizes the reusability of any generated code with other tools.
  • Support to ignore OCCURS 1 on COBOL single element arrays, so that fields are generated as an array of size 1, which can also improve reusability of generated code with other tools.
  • Ability to set the string encoding during record generation. This provides more flexible national language support.
  • A set of new generation options to optimize the generated code.
  • Integrated and updated documentation, by using IBM Knowledge Center

The Record Generator for Java V3.0 is freely available to download for all users of z/OS V2.1, or later. License redistribution rights are provided for deployment to non-z/OS platforms to support distributed development and build.

Migration from the JZOS Record Generator to the IBM Record Generator for Java V3.0 is simple and requires only that the new Java packages names and are used in any scripts that drive the RecordClassGenerator utility.

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