Hello to our zITSM Clients and Partners,

The world of IBM Z is a BUZZ! With the launch of the z14 and the software stack innovations, IBM Z is the place to be in IBM. As a team, we thought it would be awesome to do a series of zITSM blogs to keep our clients and partners up-to-date on all the cool new innovations we’ve worked jointly on with key clients.

In the z Systems Software Organization, our strategy is centered on helping our clients with digital transformation and making IBM Z front and center of IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Strategy.

We’ve broken the z ITSM market into two key submarkets, ITOM – IT Ops Monitoring and ITOA – IT Ops Analytics. IBM has been strong in the ITOM market. So, what are we doing differently? What have we done over the past two years?

We have transformed our organization, offerings, and strategy to align with the changes we see in our clients, which are primarily driven by Cloud and Analytics adoption. We’re focusing on three core segments as we driving the “Cognitive Hybrid Service Management” Strategy for IBM Z.

So let’s cover each of these separately and look at a few sample innovations and offerings.

Segment 1 – Hybrid Cloud Service Management

Delivering native cloud offerings and extending z management into hybrid cloud scenarios.

Highlighted offerings

IBM Z Application Performance Management Connect (z APM Connect v 5.5)

IBM Z Application Performance Management Connect provides transaction tracking information and resource monitoring metrics from z/OS subsystems to APM solutions including IBM Application Performance Management and AppDynamics. It can be implemented stand alone on z/OS for transaction tracking data of key z/OS subsystems, or combined with existing OMEGAMON system monitoring to additionally provide resource monitoring metrics for z/OS Subsystems. IBM Z Application Performance Management Connect will work with both on-premises and Software as a Services (SaaS) APM tooling.

IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS

IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS allows you to easily copy and move mainframe data to private, hybrid, or public Cloud storage, offering improved flexibility and economics for archive or for backup and recovery. IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS processes and moves your data without the need for additional hardware gateway devices. It leverages zIIP processors to minimize CPU cost of data movement.

Expect us to continue pushing maturity in these two offerings in the next two years. We are seeing interesting Hybrid Cloud Scenarios crop up with IBM Z Service Management.

Segment 2- Cognitive IT Operational Analytics
Greater cognitive insights into the data center operations – improving efficiency and reducing skills needed to rapidly solve problems.

Highlighted offerings

IBM Common Data Provider for z Systems (CDP)

IBM Common Data Provider for z Systems centralizes Z operational data and sends it to your choice of analytics platforms. It enables you to identify, isolate and resolve problems across your enterprise from a single interface. IBM CDP accesses and distributes data in near-real time, with the ability to also send in batch modes, and it lets you define multiple data collection sources and destinations. CDP is the standard way to gather operation analytics data for analytics engines such as SPLUNK, ELK and IBM Operations Analytics for z Systems (IOAZ).

IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench for z/OS (TAW)

Transaction processing is often complex, and identifying the root cause of a problem is often difficult and time consuming. IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench for z/OS simplifies the analysis of z/OS transaction performance issues. Transaction Analysis Workbench enables you to see the entire life cycle of individual transactions across subsystems and deep into subsystems.

IBM Operations Analytics for z Systems (IOAz)

IBM Operations Analytics for z Systems is a tool that enables you to search, visualize and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured operational data across IBM Z systems environments. IOAz allows you to identify issues in your workloads, find hidden problems and perform root cause analysis faster.

Finally, let’s talk about how we are modernizing the CORE ITSM portfolio to help you- the client. We have heard repeatedly from clients that they are worried about skills and expertise.

Segment 3 – Modernize CORE and Integrated IT Operations Experience
Modern, mobile enabled user experience with greater insight across domains.

Highlighted offerings

IBM OMEGAMON family (Launched OMEGAMON v 5.5)

The IBM OMEGAMON family provides a comprehensive performance and availability solution for monitoring, analyzing, and managing mainframe operating systems, databases and other environments. The IBM OMEGAMONs will assist in detecting bottlenecks and other potential problems, identifying the root cause, and proactively resolving performance issues.

The newest family offerings at V5.5, provide:

• Monitoring support for z14 and latest subsystem levels
Move forward with confidence to latest hardware and software levels through day one support and monitoring coverage of new latest technologies such as RoCE networks adapters and CICS Asynchronous API.

• Lower cost of business-critical IT operation management
Reduction in the amount of time and resources dedicated in a typical deployment coupled with targeted CPU performance improvements in key components such as in OMEGAMON for IMS Application Trace Facility.

• Reduce risk of undetected blind spots within monitoring environment
Increased confidence that all monitored systems have been detected during deployment and configured correctly through updated deployment tools.

• Increased agility through delivering the right data to the right user
Work more efficiently with improvements to the Enhanced 3270UI to ensure that that zSMEs never need to open up a different UI to do their day to day tasks.

Service Management Unite (SMU)

IBM Service Management Unite is a free of charge component available with IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS (for Monitoring and Automation) and IBM System Automation for z/OS V4 or higher (for Automation). This customizable dashboard brings mainframe management information and tasks from disparate sources into a single environment. Monitoring and automation exception events appear together so you can analyze, isolate and diagnose problems using all relevant data in a single interface. You can also interact directly with the system, issuing commands and viewing results without going to a different console.

We have been awfully busy in the z Systems Management (zITSM) team working with KEY Clients and Partners on these innovations.

I hope you see that our IBM Z Service Management portfolio delivers a wide range of capabilities designed to help our clients address their new IT challenges as you transform your organization. Expect a series of blogs over the next few months providing you more details on these key innovations, client feedback we hear and innovations for the next year ;).

I would love to hear from you our clients directly. If you want to reach out to me please find me on the following channels:

Twitter @rbadlaney
Linkedin – linkedin.com/in/rohit-badlaney-2364903/
Email – ribadlan@us.ibm.com

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