At IBM, I’m part of an Emerging Tech team, and I’ve been prototyping a direct connection between IBM’s IT monitoring tool, OMEGAMON XE for CICS and IBM’s performance sampling tool, Application Performance Analyzer (APA). I know a lot of IBM Z customers might use both of these tools in their enterprise, but I have the impression few are using them together. With Developer access to the OMEGAMON user interface, Developers might quickly learn a lot about their application, and how it behaves in real world production conditions. Developers might base line what they see in OMEGAMON, and set a threshold for an APA performance sampling measurement, for when an important metric goes beyond what’s normally expected. In some enterprises, the Developer may need to request the IT admin to set the threshold.

This direct connection, between a threshold in OMEGAMON, and an APA performance sampling, can remain in place, in production, so that detailed performance data is automatically collected and retrieved, before the anomaly goes away. If the anomaly happened off shift, the detailed, line-of-code isolation report is ready and waiting for then the developer becomes available, no need to wait for a recreate. One great aspect of the work I’ve done with this direct connection between OMEGAMON and APA is that there are no changes required to these products, its just putting a little automation between them.

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If I’ve caught your interest, you can quickly learn more, by viewing my current prototyping results in my YouTube video, set in the context of a fictitious large retail chain, Breadbox Groceries: ibm.biz/omtoapa

Get Involved

If you or your enterprise would like to learn more about this capability, please comment here, or contact me. We could work together to deploy this capability in your enterprise. If there’s good interest, I can do a more in-depth blog here in the future.

I’m also interested to hear other direct connections between tools that might be interesting. I suspect automatically opening a developer ticket with the APA measurement report included would be very helpful. Would direct connections with System Automation, Netview be interesting? IBM Workload Scheduler? I’m interested to learn the IT Management and DevOps tools in use in your enterprise, and we can brain storm on ways to connect these, in ways that make sense for your enterprise.

If you want to reach out to me, please find me on the following channels:
Twitter: @drdavew00
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/dawilloughby
Email: dwilloug@us.ibm.com

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