IBM® z Systems® Development and Test Environment provides a platform for mainframe application demonstration, development, testing, and employee education. It enables z/OS, middleware and other z/OS software to run on Intel and Intel-compatible platforms without the need for z Systems mainframe hardware.

We are excited to announce that zD&T v11.0.2 is generally available today. This new release provides updates to its self-service tools, allowing for easier creation and provision of application images.

For example, the tools now offer support for extracting datasets based on Dsname level expressions, giving a more intuitive experience for those accustomed to ISPF. Additionally, dataset extraction is made easier with IBM Application Discovery integration. This new integration can be used to determine what datasets are needed for a given application, making extractions more intelligent and fine-grained.

The updated tools also allow for self-service provisioning of zD&T instances based on an application image. Developers and testers simply need to provide the hostname and root credentials of the target system (or use the new SSH key pair certificate based authentication provided in v11.0.2), and the tool will do the rest.

Additionally, zD&T v11.0.2 introduces IBM® Application Discovery integration, which can be used to determine which data datasets are needed. This integration reduces image size and hence provisioning time by identifying necessary datasets.You can learn more about IBM® Application Discovery in this blog.

These are only some of the recent updates — a full list of new features in v11.0.2 can be found below.

This release provides updates to the zD&T Tools:
1) Support for extraction of datasets – IBM z Systems Development and Test Environment Tools V11.0.2 supports extracting z/OS® datasets from an IBM z® System.

2) IBM® Application Discovery integration – IBM Application Discovery is integrated with IBM z Systems® Development and Test Environment Tools V11.0.2. With the integration, you can deploy the datasets that are identified through an IBM Application Discovery project to the target machine.

3) Support for certificate-based login – SSH key-based authentication for the root account can be used when you deploy an application image to a target environment.

4) Option to automatically IPL system – As a part of deployment, you can choose to issue the z/OS initial program load (IPL) command after the emulator is started. Automatic IPL is available during deploy of ADCD images or images constructed from z Systems artifacts.

5) Various usability, navigation, and defect fixes.If you have further questions, please feel free to post to the zD&T forum.

Additional information

To download this update, please visit IBM z Systems Development and Test Environment 11.0.2.

To hear more about what our clients say about zD&T and read more about case studies, go to our Techvalidate site.

View the latest zD&T v11.0.2 Documentation, along with other helpful resources at the IBM Knowledge Center.

Watch the latest video featuring the updated zD&T Tools and IBM® Application Discovery integration.

Visit the zD&T website.

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Let us know what additional functionalities you need in zD&T by submitting feature requests in the IBM RFE Community.

For more information, and to keep up with the latest updates, please visit the Fix List page.

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