IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems delivers the core set of tools to help you accelerate the delivery of z/OS applications. Whether developing a new z/OS application, enhancing current applications, or performing problem analysis of existing ones, Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems provides comprehensive tools to perform tasks with efficiency and agility.

Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems (ADFz) is a suite of integrated, full-feature tools, all built on the latest version of IBM Explorer for z/OS and delivered on our z Systems “release train.” Each of these tools has been optimized to help you design, build, test, and debug z/OS software so that you can make the most of your investment, and the tools can also be obtained individually. These tools include IBM Developer for z Systems Enterprise Edition, IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS, IBM File Manager for z/OS, IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS, and IBM z/OS Explorer. Each tool contributes necessary functionalities in one single product, covering the spectrum of capabilities that programmers need to develop z/OS software.

This latest release provides updates for IBM Developer for z Systems (IDz) Enterprise Edition, as well as IBM Fault Analyzer (FA).

Updates to IBM Developer for z Systems (IDz) Enterprise Edition V14.1.1

According to this survey, Mac OS X is overtaking Linux as the preferred developer operating system. With that in mind, we are excited to announce the introduction of Mac support for IDz V14.1.1, building on the Mac support already offered by the Aqua release train. This makes ADFz an ideal fit in increasingly popular “Bring Your Own Device” workplaces.

To support your security requirements, such as PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), IDz V14.1.1 can be deployed in an environment where IBM Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS can be used for authentication.
And if your team is using Git for IBM z/OS , part of Rocket’s Open Source Languages and Tools for z/OS , IDz V14.1.1 delivers a technical preview of Dependency Based Build Integration for z Systems (DBBz). DBBz is only offered by IBM, and can be used in conjunction with the IBM Dependency Based Build beta to enable developer builds. This adds to ID’z smooth integration with various enterprise SCMs, such as the more agile Rational Team Concert or the traditional CA Endevor® Software Change Manager. Similarly, this openness builds upon our integration with SonarQube, which you can learn more about in this blog.

Data Studio 4.1.3 is now available to work alongside IDz 14.1.1

Customers who had deployments based on IDz and Data Studio 4.1.2 built on Eclipse Luna (z/OS Explorer Aqua 3.0) software stack can now begin their move to Aqua 3.1 as Data Studio 4.1.3 is available on Aqua 3.1 built around Eclipse 4.6.3 (Neon). Now that DS 4.1.3 is available, developers can run SQL statements directly within the editors while modifying a source program. Because Data Studio 4.1.3 and IDz 14.1.1 are both available available on the z/OS Explorer Aqua 3.1 (Eclipse Neon based) update site, it is now possible to build a full stack that can work alongside CICS Explorer 5.4, z/OS Connect 3.0., MQ Explorer 9.0, Application Discovery 5.0 and the other z/OS Explorer Aqua based offerings. You can learn more about the updates to Data Studio and its integration with IDz in this blog.

Updates to Fault Analyzer (FA) V14.1.1

Fault Analyzer (FA) V14.1.1 introduces several updates, including enhanced Java problem analysis, exploitation of IBM Compiler Advancements, and productivity improvements for FA users. Java problem analysis is enhanced by newly implemented IDIJAVA option support, as well as updates to interactive reanalysis. FA exploits the latest IBM Compiler Advancements with support added for COBOL 6.2 SEPARATE option, as well as an added link within a FA interactive analysis session to File Manager load module analyzer. This enables a quick analysis of compiler migration. Additionally, FA users will see improvements in productivity with various enhancements, such as a new sub-section added to a report’s CICS information. This sub-section provides CICS program resource definition details. Also, FA provides actual data set names for CICS “open files” rather than just the CICS 8-character file name. And, a new interactive reanalysis EDIT command and new “P” option added to ISPF Fault Entry list gives users quicker methods to perform their everyday activities, thus improving their productivity.

These are only a few examples of updates to ADFz 3.1. For all new features, be sure to check out the documentation for IDz 14.1.1 and FA 14.1.1.

ADFz can underpin all levels of your digital transformation initiatives- from keeping your core z/OS applications running optimally, all the way to helping you achieve shift left testing as part of an automated delivery pipeline as an essential part of your DevOps tool chain. This latest release is part of our continuous delivery release train, which began with ADFz 3.1. This release is our first update to the component products since then. You can learn more about ADFz 3.1 and our release train on the ADFz 3.1 announcement blog.

IBM and XaTester Resell Agreement

Additionally, IBM has entered into a resell agreement for XaTester with Xact Consulting. XaTester provides automated testing of IBM Z and IBM i applications, including Batch, CICS and IMS workload to enable DevOps practices such as continuous integration. XaTester fits seamlessly into the IBM DevOps portfolio, with synergy (or integration) with various offerings such as: IBM Developer for z Systems, UrbanCode Deploy, and z Systems Development and Test Environment. Xact Consulting is a premier IBM business partner with deep IBM Z and Rational Skills. In this agreement, customers are purchasing XaTester through IBM, and the orders are fulfilled and supported by Xact. Learn more about IBM’s resell agreement and XaTester in the announcement.

Additional information

To learn more and purchase IBM Application Delivery for z Systems, visit the IBM Marketplace page.

View the latest IDz 14.1.1 Documentation, along with other helpful resources at the IBM Knowledge Center.

To download the latest compatible levels of the IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua software stack, visit the Mainframe Dev Center downloads page.

Visit the the ADFz website to explore technical topics, and connect with the developer community.

Learn more about the ADFz 3.1 release from the announcement and the blog.

Let us know what additional functionalities you need in ADFz by submitting feature requests in the IBM RFE Community.

Calculate potential savings with the ADFz ROI Calculator.

Use the Digital Transformation Model for IBM Z to assess the current and future state of your enterprise applications.

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