Starting from V14.1.1, the remote debugging functions of z/OS Debugger that is delivered in IBM Debug for z Systems, IBM Developer for z Systems and IBM Developer for z Systems Enterprise Edition can be used on macOS. This support is provided with Debug Tool compatibility mode and will be selected automatically. Please use DBMDT or TCPIP when you specify the TEST runtime option to launch remote debugging.

The following functions are currently not supported on macOS:

  • Standard Mode
  • Headless Code Coverage
  • Bidirectional enablement for remote debugging
  • Instrument JCL for Debug Tool Debugging view
  • Visual Debugging
  • COBOL V6.2 source debugging. Please use listings to debug COBOL.

In V14.1.1, the application name of IBM Debug for z Systems still shows IBM Developer for z Systems in a couple of places. This will be fixed in future releases. If you want to find out the correct name of the application that you have installed, open the About dialog to view the detailed information.

Another difference worth mentioning is that on Windows and Linux, to open settings and options like Preferences window and Show View menu, you need to click Window first, while on macOS, clicking IBM Developer for z Systems is the first step.

Apart from macOS support, there are also some updates to the documentation:

  • Code Coverage API (CCAPI) Javadoc is now included for your reference. Use CCAPI to parse and merge code coverage results programmatically and integrate the results with your custom tools. For more information, see Code Coverage API.
  • A topic about the stack affinity for Debug Manager has been added. For more information on how to set up stack affinity for Debug Manager, see TCP/IP stacks.

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