We’re delighted to announce that IBM OMEGAMON for JVM on z/OS is now live as part of the IBM Z Trial Program and available for anyone to register with to get real hands-on experience with Java resource monitoring on the mainframe, identify performance problems and monitor API response times in z/OS Connect EE.

The Importance of Monitoring Java Resources and APIs

OMEGAMON for JVM has been developed to provide systems programmers and operators with visibility into critical Java-based workloads which are becoming more prevalent across Z – from CICS and Db2 to Liberty-embedded applications like z/OSMF and z/OS Connect EE – all Java runtimes can be monitored and are automatically discovered by OMEGAMON ensuring there are no blind-spots in resource monitoring. From here, you can proactively monitor these Java runtimes and be alerted to performance problems before drilling-down into detailed reports on garbage collection, heap utilization, JVM thread and lock details, and CPU data to investigate and diagnose the issue at hand.

A key major feature of OMEGAMON for JVM is the focus on monitoring z/OS Connect EE. Clients are seeing the benefit of leveraging their existing z/OS investments and infrastructure in a hybrid cloud deployment, enabling new applications to call z/OS-based systems of record (such as CICS and IMS) through APIs. z/OS Connect EE is a tool that enables management of these APIs as a gateway into your z/OS subsystems. As it runs on a Liberty server, you can manage resources using OMEGAMON for JVM as like any other Java-based application, however it also delivers extra capabilities that will capture z/OS Connect EE specific details such API/services available, average response time per service and details into the currently slowest performing services that gives the operations team insight into performance problems before application owners (and end users) start to complain.

What is Z Trial?

The IBM Z Trial Program is a cloud-based environment where you can learn and explore new features and offerings for IBM Z in a guided sandbox. It provides:

  • An on-demand environment at no cost
  • No setup, no install. We provision an environment for you
  • Hands-on tutorials

For OMEGAMON for JVM, four tutorials have been developed that enable operators and systems programmers become familiar with the OMEGAMON user interfaces and quickly learn the following tasks:

  • Automatically discover all online Java runtimes within an LPAR
  • Understand Java memory management, including heap usage and garbage collection metrics
  • Investigate bottlenecks in Java applications that affect performance
  • Monitor API performance data from z/OS Connect EE

Each tutorial takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete making the Z Trial any easy way to learn how Java resource monitoring is an increasingly important facet of IT systems management on Z.

Next Steps

To register for the OMEGAMON for JVM Trial (or any of the other available offerings in the Z Trial program) go to www.ibm.biz/ibmztrial and you could be up and running within minutes. To learn more about OMEGAMON for JVM visit the IBM Marketplace or read up in this IBM Redpapers publication.

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