Digital Badges are shaping the future of professional credentials, and now they are here for IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems (ADFz) through the ADFz Distance Learning Curriculum.

This program is a remote deep-dive/technical training offering from IBM ADFz enablement specialists. It equips you with the skills for enterprise-level production work with ADFz. The feedback from clients on this training program is overwhelmingly positive, and the added bonus is that you now get to authenticate your ADFz cred with a Digital Badge.

The IBM Digital Badge program is the leader in IT Digital Credentials – have you read the news?  A win-win for you and for your employer. Badge earners get to gain new skills and broadcast their achievements on social media helping to build a personal brand. A recent LinkedIn study showed profiles with certifications and badges receive six times the number of profile views.
Badge Issuers such as IBM get to nurture and progress a pool of talent, encouraging badge earners to stay engaged and advance their skills.

About ADFz
Empowering developers with a modern development platform is as essential to retain the next generation of developers as it is critical to elevate the skills of existing technical staff. ADFz is the accepted industry eclipse/IDE standard. It streamlines workflow and uplifts developer productivity with a comprehensive set of capabilities including but not limited to:

• Extensive program analytics integrated into modern program editing
• Wide-ranging SCM and ISPF functional eclipse integration
• Visual-debugging
• Exceptional program/data flow visualization

The above plus ADFz’s built in code review capabilities (which include SonarQube integration) and mature code coverage tooling produce faster-delivery of better quality enterprise applications written in: COBOL, PL/I, Assembler, Batch, IMS, DB2 and CICS.  ADFz also leads the z/OS development world in Enterprise Modernization – offering z/OS integrated tools for: Java, C/C++, refactoring, web services, JSON/WSDL and unit testing with zUnit/XATester

ADFz also provides application fault and performance analysis capabilities, file management, and integrates with all major agile and legacy software configuration management systems to deliver on average a 15-25% improvement in productivity across the DevOps lifecycle. You can learn more about ADFz here. 

This is just another way that IBM continues to deliver innovation – for you and your career, for your company and ultimately your customers.

What are you waiting for? Get badged

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