IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB) provides the capabilities to build traditional z/OS applications such as COBOL and PL/I. The goal of DBB is to provide some automation capabilities based on a modern scripting language that can be used on z/OS. DBB is built as a stand-alone product not requiring a specific source code manager or pipeline automation tool.

Provided features
IBM Dependency Based Build is included in IBM Developer for z Systems Enterprise Edition.

Dependency Based Build includes a Java API to support the running of tasks on z/OS and to create and use dependency information for the source code that is being processed.

Dependency Based Build consists of the following tool set that runs on z/OS:
– Java APIs
– Dependency scanner
– Apache Groovy scripting language, and a set of script samples to demonstrate the use of the APIs for building applications
– Web application that stores and manages the dependency information and build reports

Integrations available
Dependency Based Build is designed with Git and Jenkins (as examples of a source control manager (SCM) and pipeline automation tool), but these are not prerequisites; instead, they serve as examples to demonstrate the capabilities. Specific samples are provided to work with Git.

Short video is available here.

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  1. Is IDz required to use DBB?

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