IBM Application Delivery Intelligence (ADI) V5.0.4.2 combines structured and unstructured data to further accelerate digital transformation. The following new features and enhancements are added.

  • Code coverage baseline builds

    In the previous releases of ADI, you can compare a build with only its direct predecessor build. Now ADI adds a baseline concept that enables the comparison of any predecessor builds to a baseline. You can investigate coverage and source changes between a build and any of its baselines.

  • Improved scalability of manual code coverage data collections

    ADI improves the scalability of manual code coverage data collections by separating the upload of large code coverage result files and the computation of coverage metrics, which are now done asynchronously in a background task.

  • Various user experience enhancements

    ADI adds the following enhancements to improve user experience:

    • An updated organization of dashboard viewlets that use tabs instead of long scrolls.
    • Updated reports that represent code coverage metrics.
    • An improved Search function inside the code coverage files table.
    • The ability to preserve many of your personal choices, such as code coverage filters that are used or builds and baselines that are inspected recently.
  • Notifications capability

    ADI adds a Notifications capability to inform you of the key events, such as the successful collection of new data or the error that happened during automated tasks.

  • Program level static analysis trends

    You can display and compare the metric trends for any program node in a static analysis composition graph.

  • Refined COBOL keyword discovery (Tech Preview)

    The new search patterns for COBOL improves the discovery of business terms and API discovery related keywords. You can filter on the discovered keywords that are extracted from MOVE statements and copybooks.

  • Code snippets for business terms (Tech Preview)

    You can now drag the mouse to select and create a code snippet in the search results viewer and select the business terms to relate to the snippet. Snippets can now also be exported with the terms to a CSV file.

  • Activity viewer (Tech Preview)

    ADI introduces an event viewlet to show activities of you and other users that you are collaborating with for identifying business terms and APIs.

For more information, check out ADI V5.0.4.2 on Knowledge Center and ADDI library page.

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