ADFz Host Configuration Assistant (HCA) V1.2 is officially launched:

Based on customer feedback/request to HCA V1.1 and V1.0, the following features are added to this fix.

A new banner

The HCA logo is added next to the system name on the left of banner.


IBM Standard icons are used to present video, help, user, and exit. When the mouse moves on to each icon, the icon name is displayed. Your email address or user name will be displayed if the mouse moves on the user icon.
banner2 banner3

Task selection

In HCA V1.1 and earlier, users start with selecting roles as a project manager or a system programmer. This has now been adjusted to be more task oriented. i.e. the role selection page is changed to selecting the tasks.

Re-order of the products

The order of nine products is rearranged.

Product descriptions

When the mouse is moved onto a product cubic, its short description is displayed on the right.

Help balloons for feature selection

If the mouse cursor moves on the question mark next to a page title, a message balloon will be displayed to explain the general purpose of this page.

If the mouse cursor moves onto any option under the scenario, purchase, or configuration checklist, a message balloon will be displayed to explain the option.

Improvement for dependency features selection

If dependency products are not selected, they will be displayed in the products that require them.


Email validation and notification

Users must now enter a valid email if they want to inform the next person of the selected configuration features. After that, a notification is emailed to allow users view the configuration tasks.

New survey questions

A new survey question about the configuration time by using HCA has been added to the questionnaire.

Enjoy ADFz HCA V1.2!

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