We are happy to announce that you can now test IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS with the IBM Z Trial program. IBM Z Trial enables you to try out different products and features of IBM Z, free of charge, in a pre-provisioned cloud-based environment. No setup or installation is needed.

With Node.js on z/OS, you can leverage the trusted environment of IBM Z to ensure security and maximize uptime of core applications that power digital transformation. You can also take advantage of co-location of Node.js applications with critical assets on z/OS to significantly reduce response time for accessing data and increase transaction throughput. To learn more about the benefits of running Node.js on z/OS read this blog.

The Node.js on z/OS trial shows two usage scenarios and allows you to experiment with popular Node.js frameworks, LoopBack and Express. You will also use the vsam.js module to work with a VSAM dataset. In the scenarios, you will create and modify Node.js applications using z/OS Explorer. You will run these applications on z/OS UNIX System Services (USS) and test them using browser tools. Figure 1 below is a screenshot taken from the LoopBack scenario.

The scenarios are short and simple; all you have to do is follow step-by-step instructions.
Click here to to sign up for a Node.js on z/OS Z Trial now!

Test Node.js on z/OS with IBM Z Trial Program - Snapshot from Scenario 1
Figure 1: Snapshot from Scenario 1 – “Deploy and test Node.js LoopBack application on z/OS”

Happy exploring!

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