What is IBM Z Software Trial?

You can now test IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS with the IBM Z Software Trial program. IBM Z Software Trial enables you to try out different software products of IBM Z, free of charge, in a pre-provisioned cloud-based environment. No setup or installation is needed.

Deploy Node.js applications Deploy Node.js applications into CICS

What is Node.js?

With Node.js on z/OS, you can leverage the trusted environment of IBM Z to ensure security and maximize uptime of core applications that power digital transformation. You can also take advantage of co-location of Node.js applications with critical assets on z/OS to significantly reduce response time for accessing data and increase transaction throughput. To learn more about the benefits of running Node.js on z/OS, read this blog.

What will I get in the trial?

The Node.js on z/OS trial is available in the “Database and application server” category and demonstrates two usage scenarios and allows you to experiment with popular Node.js frameworks, LoopBack and Express. You will also use the vsam.js module to work with a VSAM dataset. In the scenarios, you will create and modify Node.js applications using z/OS Explorer. You will run these applications on z/OS UNIX System Services (USS) and test them using browser tools. Figure 1 below is a screenshot taken from the LoopBack scenario.

Test Node.js on z/OS with IBM Z Software Trial Program - Snapshot from Scenario 1
Figure 1: Snapshot from Scenario 1 – “Deploy and test Node.js LoopBack application on z/OS”

You may also try the “CICS Transaction Server” Z Software Trial, also available in the “Database and application server” category. It offers one scenario to create and deploy a Node.js application into CICS.

The scenarios are short and simple; all you have to do is follow step-by-step instructions.

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Deploy Node.js applications Deploy Node.js applications into CICS

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