Who exactly is Doc Buddy?

IBM Doc Buddy is a mobile application that you can use to check IBM Z product messages, as well as a variety of mainframe content such as blogs and articles written by mainframe experts.

You can get it free from –

What’s new in this release?

This new release of IBM Doc Buddy brings two major enhancements on the “doc” side:

  • You can now search for product documentation and get your results in 1/5 of time that you used to spend
  • You can view PDF documents and forward them to other users or apps and devices

Fast search and quick access to product documentation

You can always search for IBM Z product messages in Doc Buddy in no time. However, there are times that messages aren’t helpful enough, and you need detailed documentation which is in the IBM Knowledge Center.

With Doc Buddy V2.2, you no longer need to get back to your desktop and start typing on your favorite physical keyboard. Just input your keyword in the same search field and switch to the option to search product documentation and get the results fast and accurate.


More valuable documents to read and share

If you have been using Doc Buddy V2.0 or V2.1, you must be quite familiar with the blogs and articles that are posted in different columns. With V2.2, you can view, download, and share PDF documents that are attached in an article. This enhancement is the first step of Doc Buddy to increase its content variety to provide useful information to you, such as presentation decks and whitepapers.


1/5 of time cost for self-service

Your time is precious. Doc Buddy is evolving with such belief. That is why you only need to spend 1/5 of time that you used to spend to get the same piece of information in Doc Buddy V2.2, no matter it is a specific message, or a helpful page in Knowledge Center.

Download now to enjoy all the benefits!

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send an email: sptast@cn.ibm.com

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