The “Getting started with CICS using z/OSMF workflows” scenario has been enhanced to support Node.js applications in the CICS TS V5.5 open beta. A new cics_55_open_beta_nodejs_ivp sample enables a systems programmer to provision a CICS region running the Node.js IVP application. The scenario has also been enhanced to provide more options for managing log streams during the provisioning process.

Provision CICS with Node.js

The cics_getting_started template now contains optional properties for mounting zFS and configuring the IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS. These allow you to provision a CICS region ready to run a Node.js application. Try this configuration once you have successfully provisioned CICS with the basic getting started scenario.

Also new in V1.1.2 of the toolkit is the cics_55_open_beta_nodejs_ivp sample image to run the Node.js IVP application for CICS. It uses the cics_getting_started template and the support for CICS bundles introduced in V1.0.3. All you need to do is configure the port to be used.

Managing Log Streams

In response to feedback from customers who have tried the getting started scenario introduced in V1.1.1 we have removed the need to allocate log streams when provisioning a new CICS region. System programmers now have the option of using dummy log streams or existing definitions, or dynamically creating them during provisioning.

More Information

You can download z/OS Provisioning Toolkit V1.1.2 now. Please see the CICS TS V5.5 Knowledge Center for more information on CICS and Node.js. More details on the new options for log streams can be found in the z/OS Provisioning Toolkit Knowledge Center.

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