Highlights – Announced 14-August-2018, Available 21-September-2018
IBM OMEGAMON for Storage on z/OS version 5.5.0 is now available, featuring a new Realtime Dataset Metrics Viewer. z/OS Storage Administrators can now easily view and report on metrics for z/OS datasets. In addition to the new Viewer, performance improvements cut the time to gather fresh data from hours to minutes. With faster and easier access to critical data Storage Administrators head off problems before operations are affected.

Key features of the new Realtime Dataset Metrics Viewer:

  • Summary views by High Level Qualifier (HLQ) and SMS Classes
  • Selected column-sets based on task
  • Flexible filtering for ad-hoc queries
  • Sort across the entire result set
  • On-demand pagination for fast access to all data
New Realtime Dataset Metrics viewer

For more details, see the IBM Announcement Letter.

Service Management Unite – Storage Dashboards
OMEGAMON for Storage users who also have Service Management Unite (SMU) can also take advantage of new storage dashboards for Operations Analysts. New dashboards include:

  • Storage Overview
  • Storage Group Summary
  • Volume Summary
SMU Storage Dashboard

New Zowe Technology
IBM OMEGAMON for Storage v5.5.0 introduces new Zowe technology. Zowe is an open-source platform for z/OS from the Open Mainframe Project. Zowe is a new z/OS based infrastructure co-developed by IBM, Rocket Software, and CA Technologies, which makes developing, delivering, and running mainframe applications as agile, and intuitive as other cloud platforms. Web developers can use familiar tools and APIs without knowing much about the z/OS operating environment or data constructs. Administrators can install and use Zowe-based tools much more easily. To learn more about IBM plans to adopt and exploit Zowe: IBM Software Announcement 218-405, dated August 14, 2018. You can also learn more about Zowe and how you can get involved with it at Zowe.org.

More information
For more information about OMEGAMON for Storage v5.5.0, please contact Bob Teter.

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