By: Per Kroll

IT Operations teams are increasingly strained; Applications are changing increasingly frequently, application architectures are increasingly complex and heterogeneous, workforce is aging creating skills gaps, all while budgets continue to be strained. Yesterday’s IT operations environments and practices does not allow you to keep up. That is why IBM is inventing the future of IT operations, today!

In a Webinar event IBM Z Leadership in IT Operations on Sep 5-6, we will discuss capabilities available today, and also open up a window to some of the exciting capabilities that our labs, IBM Research and strategic business partners are working on. Here are some examples of what we will discuss:

  • How IBM and Rocket Software are leveraging the open source Zowe framework to build the next generation user experience for our portfolio for automating and monitoring software. Zowe was announced on August 14, and is a new open source software framework that enables the development of solutions that allow development and operations teams to securely, manage, control, script and develop on the mainframe like any other cloud platform. Its aim is to make the z/OS mainframe an integrated and agile platform within the changing IT architectural landscape. With Zowe, you can take the user experience for operators to the next level, and we will show you some examples how.
  • IBM is the only company that provides policy-based automation on IBM Z. Policy-based automation enables a considerably higher degree of automation than competitive solutions, as you can create more automation with fewer lines of code, translating into higher efficiency, simplified onboarding of new operators, and higher resilience. We will discuss how IBM takes our policy-based automation to the next level with proactive automation and automation enabled for hybrid cloud environments.
  • AIOps or AI for Operations is the holy grail of how to manage your operations environment. But the reality is that the mainframe sysplex is a much more complex operating environment than your average Linux or Window box, and as an industry, we have struggled to make AI become a reality for mainframers. Working with IBM Research, our Machine Learning team, and select customers, we have recently made good progress, and we have launched a program that take a pragmatic and incremental approach to enable customers to engage with our technical leaders to help identify and forecast issues before they occur.

The above only captures a few nuggets of what our leaders from IBM, customers and strategic business partners will talk about. Other topics include containerization, improved solutions for capacity planning, and much more.

Please register for an exciting two-day event:
Part 1, Wednesday, September 5th at 10:00AM ET at:
Part 2, Thursday, September 6th at 10:00AM ET at:

– Per Kroll, Director of Products – IBM Z Management and Ops Analytics

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