IBM Z Development and Test Environment (ZD&T) is the industry’s only Intel-based environment that runs current, genuine z/OS software and middleware. It is developed in lock step with Z hardware, offering unmatched application portability and compatibility. ZD&T can eliminate typical development bottlenecks by enabling flexible, horizontal scaling of development, test, and education activities.

We are excited to announce that ZD&T V12.0.1 is generally available today. Here are the highlights of this new release:


  • Pre-deployment validation is added. When you deploy an application image to a Linux environment, the pre-deployment validation function will automatically check the target system environment and deployment directory to ensure that the deployment will be successful.
  • Support for deleting a Linux target environment with deployed application image is added, you can choose to remove a ZD&T instance from the target system and revert network configuration, and remove application image volume files from the deployment directory.
  • ADCD application image can be created with data sets from IBM Z systems.
  • Support for compressing the volume files during the creation of an image from an existing ZD&T instance.
  • If a deployment fails during the volume transfer, you can resume the deployment at the last volume file that’s being transferred rather than starting from the beginning.
  • Support starting, IPL and stopping the emulator directly from Web UI
  • Support SSH certificate login authentication to create an image from an existing ZD&T instance.
  • New installers for each edition: Enterprise, Personal, and Parallel Sysplex
  • REST API supports deleting application components or images and creating ADCD application images with extracted IBM Z data set components.
  • New ADCD z/OS V2R3 May Edition of 2018.
  • New zPDT Emulator 1.8.2.
  • Various usability, navigation, and defect fixes.
  • To view the complete list, please visit our Knowledge Centre.

If you have further questions, please feel free to post to the ZD&T forum.

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