For most organizations, the calls for enterprise-wide digital transformation were heard long ago. Research conducted by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit highlights that, “digital transformation often demands not only technological change but also a re-imagination of roles, skills, and culture.” The need for sweeping organization-wide change is further complicated by the fact that new technologies are emerging so fast that “77% of corporate leaders find it challenging to keep up.” Companies of any size can find the task at hand daunting when their ability to remain competitive is on the line. 

Over the course of the last year, the Z APM Connect team has seen firsthand how customers are undertaking their digital transformation journey in various ways. Most of these larger organizations have hundreds of internal and external applications that need to be carefully monitored due to their mission-critical status. It quickly became obvious that customers of all sizes need to be enabled to approach their digital transformation journey in the same way we are building our product — with agility. 

Up until now, customers interested in extending the visibility of their APM solution to the mainframe would have to purchase Z APM Connect based on the size of their z/OS deployment. In the new release of IBM Z APM Connect v6.1, you will be able procure the software for individual LPARs allowing you to target the rollout for specific applications rather than paying to support your entire system all at once. This model of execution based pricing has succeeded with other products in our IBM Z Operational Analytics portfolio, and we believe it will be transformative in the way our customers approach their roll out of true end-to-end application performance monitoring.

This ongoing dialogue with existing and prospective customers also revealed another major need for our largest enterprises – support for multiple AppDynamics controllers. No matter how many controllers you have monitoring and analyzing your application landscape, IBM Z APM Connect will now be able to support them all. Being able to offer expanded amounts of detail for our users helps you get to the source of the problem even faster than before.

IBM Z APM Connect v6.1 is a big step forward in making the digital transformation process more accessible for all of our customers, and it is available today. While your organizations potentially undergo change from top to bottom, we are eager to help you remain responsive as you roll out critical monitoring support application by application.

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