IBM Decision Support for Z V1.9.0 is more than a name change (formerly known as Tivoli Decision Support for z/OS). It is the beginning of the revitalization of a market leader in Performance and Capacity Planning.
With automated Real Time SMF data collection allowing for flattening of the CPU cycles, IBM Z Decision Support no longer creates the
spikes of the past. Real time SMF has the added benefit of providing near real-time curation of your valuable data. No more manual feeding of SMF data to the product.
Real time SMF and timely curation means providing reports when needed asked timely — not tomorrow with yesterday’s data.
IBM Z Decision Support enables root cause analysis, insights, and reporting with current data when you need it, while still providing the
historical data you have come to depend on.
Through the integration with IBM Common Data Provider for z Systems, valuable curated data can be streamed to Analytics platform like
Splunk and Elastic Search. Moreover, IBM Z Decision Support provides the knowledge support to make the right choices in terms of
Capacity Management and Planning activities.

In a Webinar event on Sep 26, we will discuss capabilities available today, and also open up a window to some of the exciting capabilities that we are working on.

Please register for an exciting event:
Wednesday, September 26th at 10:00AM ET at:

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