Using z/OS Provisioning Toolkit V1.1.3 you can now build an image containing program binary files for a compiled application such as COBOL or PL/I and include any required PROGRAM or other resource definitions in the image using the DFHCSDUP command syntax. You can also configure the supplied CICS templates to run workflows in parallel, reducing the time to provision a region. With these enhancements you can now provision CICS with the full range of mixed language applications in less time.

Program binary files and definitions for traditional applications

We have included a sample image cics_54_async_api_sample enabling you to provision CICS with the Asynchronous API Redbooks Example available from GitHub. A sample script shows you how to copy program binaries from a data set to zFS before being added to the image when building with the zosptfile. During the provisioning process if the CICS template finds a binaries directory in the image it will automatically allocate a new data set and copy across any program binaries. A LIBRARY definition for the new data set is then created and installed.

Since V1.0 the z/OS Provisioning Toolkit has enabled a CICS systems programmer to configure one or more DFHCSDUP input files to customise the provisioned CSD for a freshly provisioned region. V1.0.3 introduced the ability for an application developer to add one or more CICS bundles to an image enabling them to define the resources they needed. Now with V1.1.3 CICS resources can be also defined in an image using the DFHCSDUP commands. This complements the support for compiled language binaries, allowing CICS to be provisioned with everything needed to run a traditional application.

Parallel workflow steps

Enhancements in z/OS V2.3 allow workflow steps to be run in parallel. This capability is disabled by default in the templates provided with the toolkit but can easily be configured for provisioning CICS. Our observations suggest the time to provision a region can be reduced by more than 30%.

More Information

You can download z/OS Provisioning Toolkit V1.1.3 from our product page. Detailed information about building images to include program binary files and definitions can be found the z/OS Provisioning Toolkit Knowledge Center. Also see the z/OS V2.3 Knowledge Center for more information about running workflow steps in parallel.

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