We’ve just released V3.0.15 of z/OS Connect EE which includes some important APAR fixes. We have also added some enhancements that you may like to try out:

Identity propagation over REST to Db2 using RACF® PassTickets

Identity propagation over REST to invoke Db2 RESTful services is now supported through using PassTickets. z/OS® Connect EE generates a PassTicket for the specific user ID and target Db2 subsystem, which is then passed in the HTTP Authorization header to Db2 where it is validated.

A distributed ID is included in the request to z/OS Connect EE and is then authenticated and mapped to a SAF user ID. The SAF user ID from the request is then propagated to Db2 with the generated PassTicket, where further authentication is then carried out by Db2. If a specific user ID is required for authentication with Db2 for all requests, then this user ID can be configured in your server.xml configuration file.

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WebSphere Liberty Profile

The version of WebSphere Liberty Profile that is embedded in z/OS Connect EE V3.0.15 is V18.0.0.3. The version level of the WebSphere Liberty Profile appears in both the top of the z/OS Connect EE messages.log file, and also in the STDOUT logfile.

APAR fixes

View the change history to see the list of APARs fixes included in this release of z/OS Connect EE.

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