As 2018 winds down, we bring you good tidings about Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems (ADFz).  

ADFz scenarios on IBM Z Trial

First off, three ADFz scenarios are now available in the IBM Z Trial program. Sit back and try guided tours; no need to install or configure any software. The tours show how automation of typical COBOL program analysis, edit, build, abend analysis, debug, and file management tasks can be done faster, easier, and more reliably. Plus, you can take a tour of how to gather and manage code coverage results. Please check out this blog to get an introduction to and preview of these new Z Trial scenarios. Then go for a test drive.  

What’s new

Speaking of code coverage, we hear from clients that they consider code coverage collection the first step in their shift-left test journey. Code coverages helps you gain insight into the effectiveness of your testing. The 18Q4 ADFz update brings a cornucopia of code coverage news, CICS 5.5 support for most ADFz products, plus a glimpse into what the future might bring. 
IDz 14.1.5 Code Coverage
This is the fifth CD update since the release of ADFz 3.1 in September 2017; thus all the constituent products  are all at a 14.1.5 level. Here are some highlights:    

  • IBM Developer for z Systems (IDz), the developer’s cockpit, providing an integrated development environment for developing and debugging IBM z/OS® applications. IDz V14.1.5 highlights span debug, code coverage, and a technology preview that shows CICS unit testing possibilities. Please see this IDz V14.1 past, present, and future blog to learn more. 
  • IBM Developer for z Systems Enterprise Edition (IDzEE) is a superset of IDz and Debug for z Systems with value add capabilities like Dependency Based Build (DBB). DBB provides the facilities to build traditional z/OS applications, with a  modern scripting-language-based capability to automate delivery into a open DevOps pipeline. The 18Q4 DBB update offers SCLM to DBB migration aids, build manager improvements, and more. Please see this blog for details. The z/OS Debugger (included in IDzEE, IDz, and Debug for z Systems) V14.1.5 PTF  brings CICS 5.5 support, continues its progress towards one remote debug mode based on Debug Tool Compatibility Mode, and delivers customer RFEs. Please click here to learn more.
  • Fault Analyzer (FA) simplifies the process of diagnosing z/OS application abends. FA V14.1.5 includes CICS 5.5 support, usability enhancements to allow fault entries to be moved/copied with links to associated data, better history file management for the IDIS subsystem and more. Please see the Fault Analyzer change summary for more details.
  • Application Performance Analyzer (APA) helps you identify z/OS application performance and response time problems, and assists in reducing resource consumption. APA V14.1.5 adds CICS support.

A look back and forward

To wind down 2018, and transition into 2019 here are a few ruminations:  

  • Since the ADFz 3.1 GA in 2017, we have delivered quarterly enhancements across the themes of day one support, shift left testing, integrated DevOps toolchain, and refactoring, plus nearly 100 customer requirements. If you are unfamiliar with ADFz, please watch this three minute overview video. To take a whirlwind tour of the ADFz 3.1 capabilities that we have delivered prior to today’s 18Q4 update, please read Four for four with ADFz.  
  • As with any enterprise software,  ADFz training and deployment planning are critical to success. We offer both at no charge. Here is our no charge training schedule, and once you have taken the training, get badged! And learn about the no-charge “secret” deployment assistance, please click here.
  • You have the power to influence the future. The Technology Preview for creating unit test cases for COBOL CICS programs in IDz V14.1.5 offers a great opportunity to work together on solving the challenge of unit test automation for z/OS application components. Please contact me via this blog or LinkedIn if you are interested. In addition, we have introduced the ability to provide end user feedback via z/OS Explorer; please provide your email if prompted so that we can follow up to get to a clear understanding of your needs. And finally, let us know what additional functionalities you need in ADFz by submitting feature requests in the IBM RFE Community.

The entire ADFz team wishes you a contented closing to 2018 and we look forward to an exciting 2019 together on the release train.  

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