IBM Application Delivery Intelligence for IBM Z (IBM ADI) further integrates with IBM Application Discovery for IBM Z (IBM AD) to provide the business rule discovery functionalities. The following features are added to facilitate the business rule discovery activities.

  • Keyword discovery through the static analysis of data usages in application artifacts

    ADI provides a ranked list of keywords based on the usage analysis of the keywords within application artifacts such as source code. The usage information for analysis includes the usages in included files, usages in condition statements, usages in computation statements, file input/output usages, database input/output usages, and IBM MQ usages. With the usage information, you can quickly identify business terms from the keyword list.

  • Automated discovery of potential business terms from enterprise artifacts

    Most of business terms and business rules are documented in enterprise artifacts as natural languages. ADI helps to expedite the business term discovery process by automatically discovering the potential business terms that use Natural Language Processing (NLP) method.

  • Team collaboration on managing the inventory of business terms

    You can collaborate with your team members to build the inventory of business terms through the list of discovered keywords. While your team collaborates, business terms can be tracked and managed. You can identify the usages of business terms in the source code or enterprise artifacts and define them as snippets. The snippets typically contain business logic that is part of business rules.

For more information, check out IBM ADI V5.1.0 on Knowledge Center and IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence for IBM Z Library.

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