The following new features and enhancements are available in version 5.1.0 of IBM Application Discovery for IBM Z (IBM AD).

  • Added the Business Rules Discovery (BRD) feature. With this new feature enabled, you can save the data that is used to define business rules in IBM® Application Delivery Intelligence for IBM Z.
  • Enhanced the extensibility feature:
    • Added the mapping between generic transactions and programs.
    • Supported mapping JCL jobs to programs through API.
    • Supported adding annotations for the resolutions that come from extensibility API calls.
    • Supported updating API resolutions on demand.
  • Supported PSB mapping with programs.
  • Supported using command line to retrieve operational information. You can configure retrieval operations for multiple projects in an INI file, and run a single command to retrieve the information.
  • Enhanced the COBOL compiler to support modifying variable references by using reference modification statements like MOVE.
  • Enhanced the PL/I preprocessor to support analyzing the PL/I applications that leverage preprocessor facilities.
  • Improved IBM AD Batch Server:
    • Optimized the memory usage in IBM AD Batch Server.
    • Simplified the configuration. IBM AD Batch Server now reads the settings that are related to annotations, audit, or graph database connection from IBM AD Configuration Server.
  • Simplified the configuration of the audit service. IBM AD Batch Server and IBM AD Build Client now read the audit settings from IBM AD Configuration Server.
  • Simplified the configuration of the settings that are related to the annotation database. You can specify a custom name for an annotation database and the database server, where the annotation database is hosted.
  • Improved the performance on the Db2® repository database.
  • Visually improved the graphs that are displayed in IBM AD Analyze Client.
  • Fixed multiple issues on the assembler “where used” reports.
  • Supported Linux for System z® servers.
  • Incrementally supported the import for CA7 scheduler data.
  • Integrated with IBM CICS® Interdependency Analyzer for z/OS®.
  • Ensured compatibility with the Photon Eclipse version.

For more information, check out IBM AD V5.1.0 on Knowledge Center and IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence for IBM Z Library.

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