Development teams are driven more than ever to utilize DevOps best practices, and provide a rapid software delivery feedback loop for demanding customers. IBM Z Development and Test Environment, is the industry’s only Intel-based environment with unmatched application scalability, reliability and speed. By accurately emulating the full IBM Z instruction sets and using virtual processors, I/O, and other devices, IBM ZD&T enables the IBM z/OS® operating system, middleware and other z/OS software to run unchanged on Intel architecture without the need for IBM Z hardware. Unlike lesser software-emulation solutions from other vendors, the IBM solution runs the latest z/OS software versions and enables developers to exploit the full capabilities of the new generation of IBM z14™ hardware.

We are excited to announce the release of IBM Z Development and Test Environment (ZD&T) V12.0.2. With this latest release, ZD&T offers the new capabilities focused on provisioning and better user experience.


  • Support extraction and importing of CICS artifacts application components for application deployed into ZD&T environment.
  • Support editing capability for z/OS based componenets and images,customers can modify the existing ZD&T artifacts (add/delete/refresh volumes and data sets) without redoing the whole image creation.
  • Support checking the status of the deployment process which includes the overall progress with percentage, current operation, and detail of each steps during the entire deployment process.
  • Zowe Integration: Provisioning Tools features using Zowe Web Interface.
  • New zPDT Emulator 1.8.3.
  • Various usability, navigation, and defect fixes.
  • To view the complete list, please visit our Knowledge Centre.

Additional information
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Let us know what additional functionality you need in ZD&T by submitting feature requests in the IBM RFE Community.
Watch the latest video.

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  1. Thank you Bryan. When is it going to be available? We are trying to test ZOWE and we are having some problems.

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